RENTAL QUALIFYING CRITERIA Thank you for applying with Kustom Real Estate. We are committed to complying with all applicable laws, including Fair Housing laws, and prohibit discrimination based on color, race, religion, gender, martial status, national orgin or ancestry, physical or mental disability ,medical conditions, sexual orientation, age or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, stae or local laws. 1. INDENTIFICATION- A copy of your driver’s license, state picture I.D., Visa or Passport will be required. If you are not a US Citizen you must provide 2 forms of photo identification. 2. RENTAL HISTORY- Current and previous rental history must be verifiable. Any unpaid rental collections, evictions, property damage beyond normal wear and tear, illegal activity on premises or refusal to re-rent by previous landlords shall be grounds for denial. Relatives are not acceptable forms of rental references. 3. INCOME REQUIRMENT- Applications may be denied if income does not exceed 3 times the amount of the monthly rent. Income must be verifiable from an unbiased source (i.e. paystubs from employer, and tax returns). Unemployment compensation, alimony and child support will not be considered income. If applicant is self-employed, applicant must submit W2 or last 12 months’ bank statements. Employment history must be verifiable for minimum of 2 years w/current employer or 4 years total. 4. CREDIT- A credit check will be performed and used for approval. Your credit report must show trade lines demonstrating your ability to meet your financial obligations. Applications may be rejected for unpaid collections or judgements, amount owed on delinquent accounts, amount past due on accounts, number of accounts delinquent, too few accounts rated “current”. 5. CRIMINAL HISTORY- A criminal background check will be performed and used for approval for any applicants/occupants over 17 years of age. The following offenses are cause for automatic rejection: arson or destruction of property, indecency with a child, lewd behavior, murder, rape, organized crime, sale/manufacture of drugs, stalking, kidnapping, burglary, manslaughter, molestation, prostitution, robbery, sex crimes, and terrorism. This list of possible causes for rejection is not considered all-inclusive and any other offense may be used for rejection. 6. AGENCY DISCLOSURE- Kustom Real Estate agents are acting as agents for the landlord and do not represent prospective tenants. Although Kustom Real Estate agents show “for lease” properties to prospective tenants, they are not acting as tenant representatives. 7. Kustom Real Estate has the right to reject any application due to any one or a combination of the following: False or insufficient application information; credit score of 599 or less, credit showing delinquent accounts with collection balances due; foreclosures, bankruptcies, liens against the applicant for taxes or child support, judgments against the applicant for evictions or property damage; rental history showing excessive late payments, NSF checks, property damage, lease violations; income shortages less than the requires 3x times monthly rent; criminal history showing felonies, misdemeanors, DWI’s, DUI’s, theft by check and domestic violence. Residential qualifying criteria are subject to change at the Owner’s discretion and without notice. Signing this acknowledgement indicates that you have had the opportunity to review the Landlord’s tenant selection criteria. If you do not meet the selection criteria or provide inaccurate or incomplete information, your application may be rejected and your application fee will not be refunded. 8. APPLICATION – An application must be completed and signed by each individual over 18 years of age applying for residency. Omissions and false information may be grounds for application denial. A non-refundable application fee of $45 per person is required for processing and reviewing applications. All application fees must be paid before an application is processed for approval.

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